About Us

Our revolutionary domain-splitting technology gives small businesses and SEM professionals access to the most powerful online marketing tool ever: a premium, generic domain name.  We license our platform to domain owners that wish to offer their domains to different businesses in markets around the United States and the world. If you own a generic domain name, please get in touch to learn about our monetization service.


Root Orange is the brainchild of Camilo Acosta and Frank Langston, who were roommates at Princeton University.  As the children of small business owners, they both felt the entrepreneurial spirit early on.  When they stumbled onto the idea for Root Orange, they immediately knew it would help small business owners like their parents who are constantly looking for better

ways to market their products and services.  Camilo and Frank spent a year and a half researching the market, building the technology, and developing the domain supply before bringing Root Orange to the public.

Root Orange is dedicated to helping small businesses and SEM firms gain access to the domain names they have always wanted to use - names that can transform their marketing efforts.