Portfolio Owners

Root Orange is the only platform that:

  • Puts your domain in the hands of multiple strategic end-users
  • Generates a steadily increasing stream of recurring revenue
  • Can dramatically outperform parking, rapid site development, or even a sale to a single end-user

If you own generic domain names that describe local products or services, Root Orange is the ideal platform for you.

We Understand Your Pain

We have heard the cries of domainers.  Parking revenues have declined!  Pay-per-click networks are black boxes! Utter dependence on Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo makes it difficult to sleep at night!

The Dark Days Are Over, Root Orange Is Here

Root Orange is a game-changer for domainers.  At Root Orange, we agree the best way to monetize a generic domain name is often to sell it to an end-user.  Businesses that offer the product or service described by the generic domain name can almost always get more value from the domain than the owner of a parked or developed website that depends on direct navigation traffic and PPC revenue.

Sales to strategic end-users have long been the dream of domain owners and investors, but there have always been two catches:

1) Once your name is sold, the recurring revenue stream is gone.

2) If your name does not describe a product or service offered by a major, national company the potential sale price is not very attractive.

Root Orange solves both problems.  Our platform lets you lease every domain to multiple end-users, each in unique metropolitan markets.  Instead of one sale, you can "sell" your domain to over 200 clients for each name in the U.S. alone. You maintain full control over pricing and terms with the clients on your domain.

To inquire about our domain owner services and sign up, e-mail us at domains@rootorange.com.