Are you international?

What is your cancellation policy?

How are the geographic areas divided up?

I can’t find the name I want, what should I do?

Are you getting more domain names or is this all your inventory?

How are prices determined?

Why are domains available for varying amounts of time?

Does Root Orange own these domain names?

What happens if a domain owner wants to remove a name from Root Orange?

Why can’t I buy a name outright?

Why can’t I select different contract lengths for different domains in my cart?

Can I point a domain to any website?

A: Yes! Our international pricing is not available on our website but our technology does work world-wide at the country level. Please contact us for details regarding any domain you are interested in (sales@rootorange.com).   Please note we only work with .com's.

A: You are free to cancel at any time, risk free.  No penalties, no fees.

A: Our domains are split by metropolitan areas, which are standardized geographic territories.

A: At the bottom of all search results is a field that allows you to submit a request for domain name. We will make out best effort to bring that name into our inventory. Before it is available to the public, we will contact you and give you first dibs on locations you would like it for.

A: We are constantly bringing new names into our revolutionary domain-sharing system. If you can’t find the specific name you want, please follow the instructions in the Q&A above.

A: Our pricing is based on three factors: the size of the metropolitan area, the volume of searches people perform for the domain's keywords, and the CPC (cost-per-click) value of the domain's keywords.

Our pricing is structured to be competitive with PPC search engine advertising opportunities.

A: Our contracts with domain owners are of varying start dates and lengths. This is why there is no uniform length of availability across all names.

A: Domain owners can remove names from our inventory at the end of their contracts with us if they want. Our legally-binding agreements prevent them from yanking out their names prior to that without significant penalties. We ensure our customers do not get the rug pulled out from under them!   As contract end dates begin to approach, we work with domain owners to extend contracts so our customers can continue to benefit from their use.

A: No, not the vast majority. We partner with domain owners who are looking for better ways to monetize their domain assets.

A: We are not in the business of selling domain names.

A: Right now our system does not support different contract lengths for different domain names in the same transaction. For the time being, you can simply complete separate orders for each domain name for which you want a different contract length.

A: Our domains are meant to be used only for websites with commercial purposes described by the particular name(s) in question. For example, DivorceLawyer.com can only be used for a divorce attorney's website. As explained in our Customer License Agreement and Terms of Service, we reserve the right to terminate any contract that violates this provision. We do this to ensure the domain names are used appropriately and without harm to other users.