Sample Domains

Here are some characteristics and samples of domains that are good fits for Root Orange and others that are not.

Domains that are a good fit for Root Orange:

  • Are typically 1-3 words in length
  • Describe a product or service delivered at the local level
  • Have local advertisers for the keyword phrase in the domain name
  • Are terms a small business would identify with and want to use to market their business

Good Fits:

Domains that Aren’t Good for Root Orange and Why

  • Domains with geographic modifiers are not good fits because we can only lease them in a single metro area.,, and

  • Root Orange is limited to .com’s among generic TLDs for now.  We will add also add cc TLDs in the future. or

  • Products that are likely to be offered online via download or an e-commerce portal are better used in e-commerce applications instead of Root Orange’s localized leasing. and

  • Any domain that implies a service is offered primarily online means it is not useful to a local business.

  • Local businesses do not want to pay to market their free services.,, and

  • Domains with adjective or verb modifiers usually have low organic search volumes and are therefore less likely to deliver a sufficient ROI for our customers.