Reseller Program

Root Orange’s Reseller Program is ideal for:

  • Interactive, Digital & Online Marketing Agencies
  • Search Engine Marketing Agencies
  • Website Development Companies
  • Traditional Advertising Agencies
  • Yellow Book and Yellow Pages Authorized Resellers
  • Google Adwords Authorized Resellers
  • Print Media Advertising Representatives
  • Website Hosting Providers

Help Your Customers

If you are helping your customers market online or offline, you can leverage the domains your customers lease across their entire marketing strategy.  Using a generic domain name in search engine marketing ads increases qualified clicks by over 40% and reduces CPC by over 20%. The online ad spend you manage performs better and gets results faster.

You can also deploy a generic, credible, and easy-to-remember domain name in an offline marketing campaign and measure exactly what online traffic that campaign drives, making your print, outdoor, and other media campaigns more effective and measurable.

Get Paid

By saving money on SEM campaigns, you can capture a higher margin and deliver faster results!

Please e-mail us at if you're interested in joining our Reseller Program.